Our admin services are
conveniently grouped into
four packages.

Admin Essentials

Every organization where more than five employees work can hugely benefit from the effectiveness of an Admin Essentials team. Guest house maintenance service is added to this package as organizations increasingly prefer hosting their clients and employees in reasonably costing guest houses rather than in an expensive hotels.

Housekeeping Service

Organizations that place a high value on cleanliness always score better marks in clients’ and employees’ books. Our housekeeping staff ensure just that.

Security Service

Our security guards are not only trained in essential people / property protection skills, they are also easily trainable for your organization’s specific standards.

Office Assistants Service

Our office assistants show up on time, are always there at hand for any quick job, can handle odd jobs and always have an YES! attitude.

Guest House Maintenance Service

We can run your guest house like a top-notch hotel - only for much lesser price. Like all other services, this is also a ‘push-button’ service. Once you sign the contract, it’s up to us to have your guests leave happily every day.

Admin Standby

Most small businesses don’t need full-time resources for services in this package, but nevertheless carpentry, electrical and plumbing requirements get critical with time. That is why carpenters, plumbers and electricians are always on call. If yours is a large organization with over 100 people, we’d advise you to have full-time resources for these services.

Carpentry Service

Our carpenters are true professionals who show up on time as agreed upon, fix the issue with minimal disturbance to the property and leave without making any fuss.

Electrical Service

Electrical problems can also be termed as emergencies. Our electricians quickly assess problems in any complex circuitry and restore them to their functional state.

Plumbing Service

One call is enough to get our plumbers rushing to your office to fix the plumbing issues that your office has. You can trust us on that.

Admin at Your Service

Your organization will need some services on and off, not always, not regularly. We’ve neatly organized those service in this package. But you can still look forward to the reliability and efficiency that a business like ours brings you. Services in this package include: Painting service, Carpet care service, Office shifting service and Passport service.

Painting Service

We have painters who can save paints and reduce costs, use fine tricks to make the paint dry quickly, love to admire their work and show it off to others proudly. That’s why we have them on our rolls. And that’s why you should work with us.

Carpet Care Service

Expensive carpets imported or otherwise deserve regular cleaning and brushing. For some, carpets are status symbols and they reflect the taste and refinement of the organization. That’s why they need regular care and attention. We’ll deal with it appropriately.

Office Shifting Service

Shifting an office could turn out to be a project in itself - when you try to do it yourself. When you outsource this job to us, the project simply becomes a task in your to-do list that you just have to check off when we say ‘We’re done, boss!’.

Passport Service

The passport office is not a great place to waste the valuable productive hours of your employees. Let’s do all the legwork for your employees; they just have to drop in at a specific time, do the legalities and scoot back to work to continue creating amazing things for you.

Admin Regular

There are things you need to get done daily for the proper functioning of your organization. Without these,
your employees might suffer and your clients might not feel well-received.

Cab Service

Our cab service ensures that your employees are taken care of well on their way from and to work. Or if you need on-demand service we’re ready to provide that also. All our drivers are well-groomed with basic grasp of the English language.

Florist Service

Who doesn’t love flowers! Beautiful floral arrangements bring instant class and style to the environment. Imagine your lobby refreshed everyday with the best of local and imported flowers awesomely arranged to welcome clients, associates and top-level execs. We’re sure you’ll be appreciated for your fine taste.